Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions. If you don't see your question here, feel free to reach out to us at


If you have an issue with your order, whether the products are damaged or you are unsatisfied with them, we offer returns for up to 30 days after you received the products. 

Simply reach out to us at with the problem you have with the order and we will begin the return process. 

In order to be eligible for a return, products must be unused and in their original packaging. 

Prolonged use of hard water in the foaming hand-soap dispensers can lead to mineral build up causing the pump head to stick or jam. If this has occurred, clean out your pump using the following method:

1. Flush pump with hot water:

  • Remove the pump nozzle from the soap bottle and place the hose in a small bowl of hot water
  • Pump the hot water through the nozzle until it runs clear and is no longer soapy (5-10 pumps).
  • Remove the pump hose from the water bowl and pump through remaining water until nothing comes out.

2. Flush pump with vinegar:

  • Place the pump hose in a small bowl of vinegar
  • Pump the vinegar through the nozzle (10-15 pumps or until it does not feel stiff anymore) 

3. Flush pump with hot water again

4. Use as normal!

If you have any other questions or concerns, reach out via email to


While sustainable products can be more expensive than their single use alternatives, unlike single use plastics, they are an investment into your household. This is because they last longer, due to their reusable nature. Additionally, when you shop sustainably you are not only investing in your household but the future of the planet amid a climate crisis. 


Yes, we ship internationally.

If you're located in the United States or Canada shipping on any orders over $100 is free.

Local Delivery to residents of Saugeen Shores or Kincardine is free.


At Shop Dire our policy is to make sustainability a priority in every part of our sales process. Some ways we do this are by shopping locally, using exclusively plastic-free packaging and shipping materials and reducing our waste as much as possible. To learn more about how exactly we accomplish this check out our Sustainability at Shop Dire page.    


No, we don't currently have any brick and mortar locations but we are looking to expand into one in the future. 

We are based out of Saugeen Shores, Ontario, Canada. 

Shop Dire offers FREE local delivery to residents of Saugeen Shores, specifically people in the postal code range N0H 2C0 to N0H 2C8 or N0H 2LO as well as residents of Kincardine, specifically those with the postal code prefix N2Z. 

Products will be delivered approximately 1-3 business days after purchase to residents of Saugeen Shores and 2-5 business days after purchase to residents of Kincardine.