Sustainability at SHOP DIRE

Shop Canadian

At SHOP DIRE, we carry exclusively Canadian businesses. This practice minimizes carbon produced when shipping merchandise because it reduces the distance the product is traveling.

It's also important to support other Canadian businesses at a time when so many are struggling due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We at SHOP DIRE, along with the companies we carry, want to represent Canadians as leaders in the global shift towards sustainability. 

Shopping local is shopping sustainably. 

Plastic Free Packaging

Single use plastics are destroying our planet. The waste generated by consumers daily from the plastic packaging of our household products is avoidable by making environmentally conscious choices. That's why all the products we carry at SHOP DIRE are packaged plastic free and can be recycled or composted after use. 

Additionally, all shipments are packed with reused packing materials or packing materials sourced from EcoEnclose.

EcoEnclose is a brand that makes sustainable shipping supplies. From our mailers to our tape to our shipping labels everything is 100% plastic free and sustainably sourced. The end of life for these products is also sustainable as they are all either recyclable or biodegradable, as categorized below.

Low Waste

In addition to eliminating plastic from our company's sales process, we reduce waste wherever possible by reusing and repurposing packaging from our office equipment or that we receive from our suppliers.

We also work with local businesses to redirect cardboard destined for disposal and instead give it a second life by using it to ship larger orders.