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Unwrapped Life - Reusable Facial Rounds White

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Unwrapped Life Reusable Facial Rounds are a great, sustainable alternative to single use cotton-rounds. Use these Organic Bamboo Rounds to apply your skin care products such as cleanser or toner or to remove your makeup. This may result in some staining though. 

These Reusable Facial Rounds have a soft silky texture that is perfect for skin of any sensitivity. The Rounds also have a zigzag stitch in the middle to keep the lining of both sides of the round from sliding against one another.

Each pack replaces approximately 1000 single use rounds each year. 

Pack Contains 7 White, Reusable Facial Rounds. Rounds are 6.3cm in diameter.


Place facial rounds in a mesh bag and wash in cool water before first use. Repeat after subsequent uses.

Rounds aren't prewashed so some shrinkage after first wash is to be expected.

Air dry. 

Product Features

- Organic

- Zero Waste

- Vegan and Cruelty-Free


Made from 70% Organic Bamboo Viscose and 30% Organic Cotton.

Sewn with 100% Organic Cotton.

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